Top 6 Best Tent With Stove Jack in 2021

It is safe to assume that when out on camping trips, there’s usually an issue of heating— especially during the winter months.

Undoubtedly, heat is required during tent camping for several purposes such as keeping warm, and heating foods. While it is quite easy to do it outside your tent, it becomes more challenging during the cold winter nights. 

To solve this problem, you must heat inside your tents. However, the fumes that your stove emit are not desirable and are quite bad for your health. This is why it is important to have a tent with a stove jack. 

There are hundreds of tents available on the market. As a result of this, it is important to choose one that is not only convenient but also reliable.

If you’re looking for a Best Tent With Stove Jack, then you’re at the right place! To make your choice easier, we have compiled the best tents with stove jack on the market.

We have also provided a guide to help you choose the best. Curious? Let’s get started!

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Best Tent With Stove Jack Review 

Below are our selection of some of the best tents with stove jack on the market. 

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1. Russian-Bear Hot Tent With Stove Pipe Vent 

This four-season tent can be used by everyone, including hikers, hunters, campers, and more. 

Best Tent With Stove Jack
Best Tent With Stove Jack

This dome-style winter tent, unlike others in the category, includes a stove with the tent. This particular feature is what adds to its price, making it a bit expensive than others. It is not only used in all four seasons, but it is also easy to set up— you’ll be done in just a few minutes. 

It’s also made with Oxford 240D fabric, making this tent highly durable. It can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees and is waterproof. Hence you need not worry about moisture getting into your tent. It also includes a heat-insulated waterproof floor that you can easily detach if needed. In addition, the tent walls have double layers which help to avoid any condensation issue. 

Another good feature of this tent is that its stove is safe to use, and comes with protective screens to avoid any problems. While it is a bit smaller than other tents on this list, it has enough room to accommodate 3 adults. What’s more, this tent can easily function well for all 4 seasons!

This tent is extremely fireproof, which is a result of the included stove. The stove will keep you warm during the cold weather conditions, and in the summer months, the tent has windows that can be opened to allow adequate ventilation. That’s not all, each window comes with a mosquito net to keep you safe from bugs and insects. 

If you like to fish, this tent comes with detachable zip fans and can be put over a hole for ice fishing. Other features include tie-down straps with 50-feet pegs, a carry bag, and the 14 PCs stove.

  • Well ventilated
  • Waterproof
  • Easy setup
  • Stove included
  • Quite expensive

2. WhiteDuck Outdoor Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

An all-seasons tent made from breathable 100% cotton canvas. 

Best Tent With Stove Jack
Best Tent With Stove Jack

If you’re looking to enjoy a glamorous camping experience with your family, you should definitely consider the WhiteDuck tent. Made of 100% natural and sustainable cotton fabric, this tent is not only breathable but also waterproof. It is also a 4 season tent that can be used all year round.

For easy setup, this tent comes with a heavy-duty galvanized center pole, as well as a door frame that allows you to easily move your essentials in and out of the tent. In addition to this, this tent uses Polyester UV resistant Dura ropes, that have been pre-attached to the elastic cordage.

Moreover, it comes with a zipped-in 16-oz high-density PVC groundsheet, as well as a 5-inch wide stove jack opening, which is made from vinyl fireproof fabric. That’s not all; it also includes a mesh door and 4 heavy-duty windows. The groundsheet can also be removed if desired, and the walls can be rolled up to suit your taste.

There’s enough space here, as it can accommodate heights up to 9 feet, and this doesn’t include the roof space of the tent. The 4 large roof vents help to ensure adequate flow of air, and this tent comes with 4 utility pockets. 

If you’re looking to enjoy camping with adequate comfort, this is a great choice for you!

  • Easy setup
  • UV protection, fireproof, and waterproof cotton canvas
  • Included storage bag
  • Mesh doors and windows to protect against bugs
  • Quite heavy to carry about

3. Danchel Cotton Bell Tent With Two Stove Jacket

As the name implies, this tent comes with two stove jacks, making it a suitable option for cold weather camping. 

Best Tent With Stove Jack

DANCEHALL OUTDOOR Cotton Bell Best Tent With Stove Jack

This bell-shaped tent offers 20 meters square when assembled, which means that it can accommodate about 8 people. It has a very tall and circular construction and comes with one large door at the entrance. While this tent is a single layer, the openings are double layered with mesh and canvas.

The included two stove jackets are located on the roof and the sidewall respectively. If you’ll be using a wood stove, bear in mind that you’ll need to get something to protect the stove jack. One of the great features of this tent is that it allows for a canopy configuration— you can unzip the floor completely to enjoy the view or a family event.

Just like most designs on this list, the entire tent is supported by a galvanized steel central pole, which gives an A-shaped entrance. It can be easily mounted by one person. As for the fabric, the high-quality canvas is said to be waterproof, UV-protected, fireproof, and mold resistant. This canvas material is also breathable and highly ventilated.

For the floor, heavy-duty PVC material is used so you’re safe from groundwater. The 4-zippered windows and doors are made with high-density mesh material, hence you’re safe from bugs.

That’s not all, it also comes with a waterproof oxford carry bag, Bell Tent, poles and pegs, steel stakes, and more.

  • Canopy configuration
  • Easy setup
  • 2 stove jackets
  • Quality fabric
  • Full protection from weather
  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive
  • Single room design

4. PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

This isn’t just about a great tent with a stove jack but is one of the best tents you’ll find on the market.

Best Tent With Stove Jack
Best Tent With Stove Jack

Starting with the fabric, PlayDo comes with a 300gsm cotton fabric, which is great at insulating for both cold and hot weather! Not only is this cotton breathable, but it also maintains the appropriate temperature for your comfort. 

Obviously, it comes with an integrated stove jack and a top air vent for the stove— which is about 5 inches in diameter. This vent hole can equally be used during all 4 seasons. So you don’t have to change anything. Additionally, it includes zippable windows with mesh nets. In situations when you just want to enjoy the cool breeze from outside, this net comes in handy as it also keeps bugs away. The tent walls can also be rolled up to suit your taste! 

As for elements of the weather, this PlayDo tent is completely waterproof and can withstand rain, moderate wind, and snow. The floor is made of PVC waterproof material, so you need not worry about water seeping in. There’s even more; the tent is very spacious and can easily accommodate 5-8 people. It also comes in various sizes, which determines the price of the tent. 

Plus it comes in a carry bag, which means hassle-free in throwing it into your car and heading on your trip!

  • Waterproof and high quality material
  • Comes with electric cable hole
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with a carry bag and accessories
  • Zippable bottom floor
  • Heavyweight tent

5. WhiteDuck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Premium

This tent is suitable for all seasons and comes with a sewn-in floor, integrated pipe jack, and 3 windows.

Best Tent With Stove Jack
Best Tent With Stove Jack

This bell tent comes with a vertical but not too high wall (2 ft 7 inches), which is high enough to accommodate its 3 windows. Each window is a double-layer type with mesh and panels for adequate protection. While this tent is not freestanding, it is easy to mount as all the stakes and guylines are included. You can also have more than one room inside if you like.

When it comes to ventilation, this tent is made from breathable fabric. There are also several mesh openings, as well as roof vents. However, it depends on the model of the WhiteDuck tent you’re getting. 

As regards the capacity, this tent can easily accommodate 6 people (around 22 square feet per person). Compared to other tents, this can be seen as extremely spacious. However, the sleeping configuration may be considered unrealistic. Either way, 6 people will fit in perfectly. 

For easy setup, it has a single-pole construction that supports its bell-shaped configuration. One person can easily set the tent up. The poles are built from galvanized steel and are very durable. The floor is sewn in and is made with durable polyethylene. Added accessories include 13 jpegs, 13 pins, an E-cable port, zippers, triangular metal runners, and a carry bag. 

This tent is impressive and is made with high-quality materials. Hence, you’re fully protected no matter where you use it.

  • Breathable
  • Full protection from elements
  • Comes with stove jack
  • E-cable port
  • Heavyweight
  • Bulky

6. Russian Four-Season Camping Tent with Wood Stove

This 4 seasons tent comes with a wood stove jack.

Best Tent With Stove Jack
Best Tent With Stove Jack

This tent has an umbrella design for easy mounting, and its fabric is waterproof. One great feature about this tent is that it is suitable for various activities like hunting, fishing, camping, and more. It can also be used in all seasons, unlike other Russian tents. 

As for the capacity, it can easily accommodate 8 people, and in some cases, 10 people. It’s also made from a high-quality material which contributes to its durability.

  • Very spacious and great for family camping
  • Waterproof fabric
  • The included stove can be used for heating
  • It’s a bit expensive

Buying Guide

There are hundreds of tents on the market. Choosing the perfect one with a stove jack may sound like extra work. To makes things a lot easier and faster for you, we have provided a buying guide. Below are a few things to look out for when shopping for a tent with a stove jack.

1. Ease of use

If you’re going to be changing your camping location frequently or will be going from one spot to another, then it’s better to go for an instant or bell-shaped tent. These tents have simple constructions and can be easily set up by one person. 

However, if you’ll be spending a lot of time at a particular spot, then you might want to consider a frame tent.

2. Ventilation

When shopping for a tent with a stove jack, you should definitely consider a canvas tent, as they are more breathable. In fact, most of them come with extra floor and roof vents for adequate ventilation. 

If you have wood-burning in the tent, this is undoubtedly the best option— they are often the best ventilated on the market.

3. Free-standing option 

If you’re camping during winter, there’s a high possibility that the ground will be frozen. In this case, framed tents (which are always freestanding) should be your first option. A bell-shaped tent is not advisable since it must be staked properly.

4. Weight

Most tents vary in weight and packed size. Depending on what you need it for, carefully consider the details of each before buying. Most tents in this category are heavy, but that shouldn’t be a problem as there are car camping tents, and not to be carried long distance.

Final Thoughts

There are several tents with stove jack available on the market. While they may not be easy to carry about, they are suitable options for your camping trips, especially when you need to stay warm or heat your food. Always lookout for a durable and long-lasting choice and you’ll be enjoying your trip in no time!

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