Top 5 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

To get on the camping adventure with your pet, getting the best tents for camping with dogs the key to happy camping. While being that is quite closer to nature, and scientifically proven to improve comfort under canvas.

After months cooped up indoors, most people would love to grab an opportunity to spend a couple of days in wide open spaces under the blissful summer sun.

On the moral high ground, going camping under the stars with your pet dogs is one of the most imaginable precious experience.

But this is only possible when you hold right camping equipment in your hand. Well, we can proudly say that best tent for camping with dogs can result in an unforgettable holiday for all the right reasons.

To accomplish your outdoor camping needs, you must know the difference between best and worst camping tents.

As a matter of fact, hundreds of high-end tents for camping with dogs are available in the market. So, grabbing the right one isn’t a piece of cake. But don’t worry, we are here to hold your back.

Our team has tested lots of dog friendly tents, but we narrowed down our list to only five high-end products to ease your life. Read on for the best tent with dog room around today!

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Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

Here is our list of the Best Tents for Camping with Dogs on the market, all designed with lots of amazing features:

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1. Coleman Dome Camping Tent with Screen Room

To be at crossroads, Coleman Dome Camping Tent is carved in a dome style which we found durable enough for summer camping.

Best Tent for Camping with Dogs
Coleman Dome Camping Tent with Screen Room

Although this dome structure is stable and aerodynamic, but the peak height is low to walk inside. Whilst, it comes with the porch floor to protect you from crawling insects.

And this porch floor has drain holes which are efficient to drain water during rainy weather.

To take good mileage out of it, two side pockets are placed on the walls which can hold your extra stuff. Plus, a hook is available on the highest spot, we used it to attach lantern.

Practically, we found it excellent for group of 6-7 persons. The most stunning feature of this camping test is that it’s quite easy to set up and convenient to tear down.

Roughly, it has space for 2 queen size airbeds or you can place one bed and use the front area for sitting with chairs and table.

Rooted in, one entry and exit door is kept at the front and two mesh windows are transparent to get better view.

The thing which we liked about the windows is that they are protected by panels, so we can keep them open for ventilation. Moreover, this camping tent is lightweight and the packed size is perfect for travelling.

So, you can easily carry it on car or motorbike towards your camping site.

Overall, Coleman Dome Camping Tent is an ideal family tent. And useful to stay with you in all adventures. We found that it’s the Best tents for 5 Adults and 2 Dogs.

Main Features
Occupancy6 Persons
Closure TypeZipper
Items Weight20.9 pounds
  • It can comfortably hold six persons.
  • Rainfly for extra weather protection.
  • The screen room cool for sitting and fishing.
  • A nice carry bag for easy transport.
  • The height of the tent is too low.
  • The floor gets muddy during wet conditions.

2. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Grounded in fact, Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent is designed in a way that the dome part is kept under two X-shaped poles.

Best Tent for Camping with Dogs
Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Plus, the provided visible screen room is supported by a front pole for extra stability. But the screen room area isn’t completely protected against rain. Overall, this tent has 2-rooms, the dome sleeping area and the screen room.

And the main entrance door on the screen room has an amazing T-shape.

As far as space is concerned, we found is comfortable even for a group of 8-people. For sleeping purpose, we excellently settled 5 sleeping pads on the floor.

Although they stated it excellent for 2 queen airbeds, but we find it really difficult to adjust two such items in this tent. We have examined that a real bed instead of air mattress on the floor is marvelous to keep camping stuff at underneath space.

Plus, the Weather Tec system is ideal to keep the harsh weather conditions away. So, now Tent Camping with Dogs is too easy.

Unlike similarly priced models, we found the screened front porch area of this Coleman Tent really amazing for ventilation and allows us to lounge inside it. As the poles come pre-attached, so you can easily set it up within 5-7 minutes.

Moreover, a couple of storage pockets are placed inside the tent to keep your camping items at minimum distance. Plus, the incorporated E-port is an innovative idea to bring electrical power inside the tent.

All in all, Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent is immune to rain and wind, so thunderstorms will not be an issue.

Main Features
Occupancy6 Persons
Closure TypeZipper
Items Weight19.01 pounds
  • Extremely good to keep away mud and rain.
  • Strong frame design to increase durability.
  • Storage pockets are available inside the tent.
  • Carry backpack have separate compartments.
  • Sleeping space is suitable for 5-persons.
  • Price many be high.

3. Coleman Sundome 4 Person Camping Tent

All ears on, Coleman Sundome 4-person Camping Tent is proved excellent to protect the inside members from rain, wind, or extreme heatwaves.

Best Tent for Camping with Dogs
Coleman Sundome 4 Person Camping Tent

This all is made possible by a proprietary rain fly design. Furthermore, we examined that this tent is excellent to set on leveled grounds, but not perfect for rocky terrain.

As this camping tent is good for 3-4 people, so the couples can easily keep their pet dogs along with them in adventure.

As far as construction is concerned, this Coleman Sundome tent is carved using tough and durable polyester which allows you to use it for years to come.

Moreover, we found that it has great ventilation and excellent to eliminate suffocation inside. So, we can proudly say that it’s a Best Tent for Dog Owners.

Another thing which we liked the most is that you can open the spacious windows to get some fresh air inside the tent.

Moving on, Coleman Sundome 4-person Camping Tent has built-in storage pockets to hold your belongings. One more advanced added feature is the addition pf E-port, which allows you to charge your phone or other electrical devices.

Plus, the WeatherTec system is excellent to shield you from bad weather, so you and your pets can enjoy any weather.

All in all, Coleman Sundome 4-person Camping Tent has a simplified set-up system and features to protect you in bad weather. And the provided space can keep you and your dogs relaxed at any camping site. Seems Excellent!

Main Features
Occupancy4 Persons
Closure TypeZipper
Items Weight9.8 pounds
  • Lightweight construction for easy portability.
  • Excellent system for ventilation.
  • Stable and durable poles ensure ideal placing.
  • Built-in windows and waterproof construction.
  • Isn’t excellent for heavy snowfall.
  • Fabric can rip when setting up.

4. Sierra Designs Convert 4 Season Camping Tent

To be at crossroads, Sierra Designs Convert Camping Tent is equally beneficial for all four seasons. The good thing about this Dog-Friendly Camping Tent is that it’s much lighter in weight compared to other such models.

Best Tent for Camping with Dogs
Sierra Designs Convert 4 Season Camping Tent

Stunningly, we’ve examined this tent in almost all-weather conditions, such as in wet, humid, hot summers, windy and dry sandstorms, snowy freezing mountains, and everything in between.

Overall, we found it extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Now it’s your turn to try this out!

Ahead of the curve, Sierra Camping Tent has pole clips on the outside of the fly rather than between the fly and tent body. This feature is handy to keep the tent dry and stronger in harsh weather conditions.

I loved this attribute as it allows me to complete the setup from the outside. Moreover, the fly is carved using polyester which doesn’t stretch when gets wet, so you can take perfect sleep during rainy nights.

The most stunning and unique feature of Sierra Designs Converts Camping Tent is that the inner tent is suspended from the outer one.

Hence, you can easily avoid condensation by just pitching the outer tent, no need to pitch the inner tent. And both tents have a vestibule which could be zipped off when not in use.

Furthermore, we zipped up the doors during storms and opened them in warm weather to facilitate excellent ventilation.

In summary, as the name suggests this dog camping tent converts well between all 4 seasons. If you want a lightweight, bigger mountain tent, then this model is an excellent choice for you.

Main Features
BrandSierra Designs
Occupancy3 Persons
MaterialPolyester, Nylon, Aluminum, Fabric
Season4 Seasons
Items Weight7.25 pounds
  • Lots of ventilation options are available.
  • Extremely lightweight and spacious.
  • Strong durable fabric construction.
  • Life time warranty.
  • Quite difficult to set up.
  • Fabric isn’t too breathable.

5. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

Out in the open, Coleman 8-person Tent is famous for its cabin shape and instant setup. The good thing is that the poles are pre-attached to the tent and you just need to unfold and extend the telescopic poles.

Best Tent for Camping with Dogs
Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

Moreover, this tent has single layer with built-in fly which makes the setup easier. But keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a mesh on the ceiling, so we found that the ventilation isn’t too excellent.

As far as seasoning is concerned, Coleman 8-person Tent is suitable for 3 seasons as the provided huge windows are excellent for added comfort. The most stunning feature of this camping tent is that you can pitch it on any terrain.

Plus, it’s moveable even when completely settled up. As formally this tent is designed for 8-people, but your camping dog can easily join you on the go.

Back to the drawing board, Coleman 8-person Tent is quite lightweight and its packed size is only good to be placed in larger carry bag.

As the space area is considerably large, so you can accommodate 2 full-size queen beds, one in each of the two provided rooms. And the walls are completely waterproof in rainy weather.

Keeping the long story short, Coleman 8-person Tent is offered in budget-friendly price. It suits best to the camping group of large people and considered as the best dog tent for large dogs. Enjoy camping with whole family!

Main Features
Occupancy8 Persons
Season3 Seasons
Items Weight24.5 pounds
  • Surprisingly easy setup.
  • 7 huge windows facilitate ventilation.
  • Two divided rooms, good for pets.
  • Completely waterproof construction.
  • A bit heavier.
  • Not easily portable.

How to Choose the Best Tent for Camping with Dogs – A Nifty Buying Guide!

As a matter of fact, a tent is more than just fabric and poles. It’s actually a home from home. Believe it or not, hundreds of camping tents with dog areas are ready in the market.

Then which brand and features will suit you best? A difficult question, indeed! But now you don’t need to seek answer from other people.

As we’ve designed this user-friendly guide to make you an expert while choosing high-end tent for camping with dogs. Read with us to grab like a pro!

1. Tents Seasonality

On a clear note, the types of seasons which dog tents for camping could bear really matters the most. The most widely used and loved are 3-season tents and 4-season tents. Let’s discuss which type will be beneficial for you.

  • 3-Season Tents: Practically, the 3-season tents are most popular among people who love camping with dogs in a tent. They are designed in a way to bear the temperature conditions of summer, spring, and fall.
  • The most stunning thing about them is the incorporated mesh panels to boost the air flow and to keep away insects. Moreover, they can withstand downpours. But keep in mind that they aren’t excellent to sustain harsh storms, heavy snow, or violent winds. Overall, they are good to
  • Shields you from bugs
  • Keep you dry during rain or light snow
  • Offer privacy
  • 4-Season Tents: Amazingly, 4-season tents are carved in a way to withstand harsh winds and high snow loads. They could be use in any season. But their main purpose is to firmly stand the serious weather conditions in winter or above tree-line.
  • Moreover, they are made with heavier fabrics and use more poles than 3-season tents. As they have rounded dome design, so there’s no flat roof to collect snow. And the provided mesh panels can extend close to the ground to make you feel warm and fluffy in mild weather. Overall, they are highly dog friendly tents to keep your pet safe and happy.

Other Features to Consider

After selecting the type of tent, you must look for the below mentioned features to make your camping with dog much more memorable.

1. Sleeping Capacity

Firstly, you must need to choose the camping tent according to your group’s size. At this time don’t forget to count your dog in. Moreover, the pet friendly tents mostly have ample expandable space to hold them perfectly.

So, if you’re planning to take your dog with you then remember to upsize your tent capacity by one person. This will greatly assist you to spend comfortable holidays.

2. Tent Doors

Another significant thing to take in count is the tent door. You must know that how many doors you need, their location, and shape. But how to know this? Well, keep in mind that if you’re camping with family and pets, try to grab a model having multiple doors to avoid disturbance for midnight bathroom breaks.

Also, make sure that how much it would be easy to open and shut the doors. We recommend you to go for zipper doors as they are excellent against snagging and breaking than other types.

3. Tent Poles

 Actually, the tent pole structure that how easy or hard it will be to pitch the tent. As we know that most of the latest pup tents for dogs are freestanding. Mean you don’t require any stakes to set it up.

This feature for camping tents allows you to easily move it at different locations and to easily shake out dirt before folding it down.

Overall, we recommend you to opt a model with fewer poles and we found it easy in setups. And try to grab aluminum poles as they are durable than fiberglass.

4. Ventilation

In reality, tent camping with dogs isn’t that easy as with friends and family member. But you can make it easy by choosing right camping tent. For this, you must also consider that excessive ventilation is highly demanding during harsh weathers.

So, most camping tents brands are now adding mesh panels in the doors, windows, and ceiling. This permits the cross ventilation to balance condensation and also proffers better outside views.

Above all, if you are going to hold pup tents for dogs in humid, hot climates, then try to select camping tent with bigger mesh panels.

5. Side Pockets and Loops

When we are out with our pets, we need some extra holding space to put extra things. For this reason, side pockets must be there in your grabbed tent for camping with dogs. Some tents have pockets placed on the interior, whilst other on the outside.

Both are useful in their own way; you need to select them as per your needs. Moreover, some high-end camping tents have plenty of pocket both interior and exterior.

We recommend you to grab a model with lots of holding space. And the interior loops are excellent to hold lantern or torch.

Final Verdict

Keeping the long story short, best tent for camping with dogs are much needed for adventure and to give you a breath of fresh air in the best possible sense.

We assume that there is noting worse than arriving and realizing that you came with missing or faulty crucial element. Whether you’re just a starter or have years of camping experience, our chosen products have something for all.

Just read our best dog camping tents reviews to grab your dreamy tent. Happy Camping!

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