Top 7 Best Tents For Desert Camping in 2021

Going for desert camping can be the best way to escape in the heart of sandy, picturesque scenery from your monotonous work routine. You might have been planning for desert camping for a while now, but to be honest, sand camping is a different beast. The word desert conjures other thoughts of blowing tumbleweeds, arid dunes, and sun-baked cow skulls. Those who have previously been to desert camping and have witnessed dawn in the desert would know how to prepare for this one-of-a-kind adventure.

The desert is a land of extreme contradictions- cooler evenings to stifling hot midday, harsh but beautiful pale, bone dry, and flash flood. Though these things make it a fascinating place for visitors, the extreme weather conditions can be challenging to withstand.

To combat unpredictable weather conditions like rain, windstorm, sandstorm, etc., you should get your hands on the best tents for desert camping.

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Top 7 Best Tents For Desert Camping

Below is a selection of some of the best choices on the market.

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1. Coleman Instant Cabin 8-person Tent With Flysheet

Are you looking for a desert camping tent that is portable, lightweight, and handy to set up? Then Coleman Instant Tent is the perfect choice for you. To your surprise, you can set up this tent completely in just 60 seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

It is a myth that instant desert tents cannot withstand harsh and severe weather conditions. Contrary to this popular belief, this is not the case. Coleman Instant tent for desert camping is a high-quality tent that won’t break your bank.

This incredible tent is completely different from traditional desert tents as it is made up of poly guard 2x double-thick fabric. It uses the Weather Tec system to keep you protected even in the rainy season. The thick, durable frame makes it sturdier and adds to the durability of this tent in the desert.

Do you know what makes this desert tent more valuable? You can stack it to improve the resistance from dust storms and desert winds. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about being lost in the darkness of the desert because reflect-guy lines will keep your tent in the desert completely visible at night.

If you are planning to go on a desert camping tour with your family or friends, this desert tent should be your top choice. It is spacious enough to accommodate around 8 people inconveniently. The two queen size beds give it a luxurious look.

  • Easy installation in just 60 seconds.
  • Good ventilation through windows.
  • Darkroom technology to block 90% of sunlight.
  • Ability to withstand strong winds and sandstorms.
  • Thick and durable construction material.
  • More on a bulky side due to robust construction material.

2. Ubon Pop up Tent; Instant, Lightweight, Backpacking Tent

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

A portable, pop-up, well-ventilated, and easy-to-set-up tent is what every desert camper wants to have. Ubon Instant Tent is the perfect choice for you if you want to free yourself from spending hours setting up the tent after a long day. To your surprise, you can set up this tent entirely in few seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

You just need to pull out white locks, and the tent will pop up automatically.

It is a myth that instant desert tents cannot withstand harsh and severe weather conditions. Ubon outdoor tent for desert camping is a high-quality tent that will protect you from harsh weather conditions and is light on your pocket.

This incredible tent is entirely different from traditional desert tents as it is made up of high-grade fiberglass, steel, and polyester. Polyester fabric with double coating protects your skin with direct sunlight contact. Though this tent seems a bit smaller, you can easily set up a twin bed inside it. You can enjoy yourself fully with your kids inside the tent.

Inside ventilation is perfect due to its large mesh doors. Additionally, transparent doors will keep the mosquitos and flies away, and you can see the beautiful sky view from inside laying on your bed.

The thick, durable frame makes it more sturdy and adds to this tent’s durability in the desert. If you are planning to go on a desert camping tour with your partner and a kid, this desert tent should be your top choice. It is spacious enough to accommodate around 2-3 people inconveniently. Inner pockets are also available for keeping your phone, charger, wallet, keys, etc.

  • Sun-protected with silver coating.
  • Easy installation in just a few seconds.
  • Good ventilation through two mesh doors.
  • Spacious enough for a small family.
  • Keeps mosquitos and bugs away.
  • Comes with 4 windproof ropes.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • Zippers should be used carefully. Otherwise, they can break.

3. KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent Durable Waterproof, Family Large Tents

Are you looking for a durable and best-budgeted desert tent? Then the Kazoo Outdoor Camping tent is the right choice for you.

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

The base is made up of 210-T Rip-stop fabric, and the rest of the material is high-graded fiberglass floor dimensions are 95 X 86inch with 54 inches peak height. You can easily set and fold it just in two minutes.

Its water-resistant ability of up to 3000 milliliters has made it the top choice of most desert camping enthusiasts. For your sleeping comfort, its double-layer technology can provide complete protection against extreme weather and rainfall.

It is constructed with two functional layers. The liner is made up of a B3 mesh—sheet with two side panels having an inside opening. This desert tent will offer you an inside environment that is quiet, airy, and fresh due to its large two doors and two windows. You can easily adjust the inside cool breeze movement whenever needed.

This tent in the desert will offer you a porch for your ease. You can enjoy a complete natural view while sitting inside. After testing under a shower, the water-resistance ability has been approved. The waterproof rate is 3000 mm, so you can use it in the rainy season without giving it a second thought.

  • Portable tent with maximum airflow2 doors and 2 vestibules.
  • Having excellent water resistance ability.
  • Withstand heavy winds and extreme weather conditions.
  • Aluminum poles and footprint included.
  • Double layer works as a stumbling block against climate disasters.
  • Spacious room for four persons.
  • Sometimes, you can face issues with zippers.
  • Not heat or sunlight resistant.

4. UNP Tents for Camping; 8 Person Tent Waterproof and Windproof

This somewhat traditional desert tent can be set up without much hassle as its packed weight is only 22 lbs. UNP tent is constructed with polyester, rip-stop mesh, and steel poles strengthening the entire tent structure.

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

Poles are made of fiber-reinforced composite materials that add ultra protection against heavy winds and rains. For this very reason, UNP Tent has secured a place among the best tents for desert camping. You will feel extra interior comfort. UNP tent has a high durability with 78 inches standing height.

This tent is designed beautifully for eight occupants with maximum airflow and water-resistant ability up to 1000 mm. Its exterior is highly weather-resistant, can bear thunderstorms, sand storms, and prevent heavy dust particles from penetrating the tent.

The fabric of this tent is made up of polyester with a 1000 mm waterproof coating. The poles of the UNP tent are made up of fiber-reinforced polymer composite material to withstand severe windy and challenging conditions.

Do you know what makes it the best choice for dessert campers? The manufacturer has created 2 roof vents and a low side vent to give a chimney effect ventilation. It helps you to have control over condensation.

You don’t need any special skills to set it up. Only 2 people can set up this tent conveniently in around 5 minutes. The well-made poles and smooth zippers add to your comfort and give you a trouble-free experience.  

  • Bug proof mesh wall penal.
  • 1 mesh door and 5 mesh windows.
  • Weather and water-resistant.
  • Chimney-effect ventilation with maximum airflow.
  • Electrical access port2-way zipper
  • The set-up is a two-person job.

5. HIKERGARDEN 6-10 Person Waterproof Windproof Camping Tent

Hikergarden camping tent with steel poles is an ideal product for desert camping. Carrying it around and setting it up is effortless due to the weight (packed) of only 23 lbs. Its water-resistant technology of up to 1000 mm provides a clean and dry environment inside compared to other tents.

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

During the heavy rains, the tent will provide you with complete protection and keep the rain away so that you can enjoy your trip.

The construction material of Hikergarden is highly durable to make your camping experience more enjoyable and thrilling. Poles are more stable in thunderstorms and windy weather. The installation process is not very tricky; it will hardly take five minutes for folding and setting.

One mesh door and four windows pass the maximum air inside. You can open or close the ventilation slots anytime as per your choice and convenience. However, it would help if you tried to keep them close to prevent your tent from the sand during sandstorms. This tent comes with ideal dimensions of 120 x 96 x 76 inches and is designed for a maximum of six persons only.

Due to the large tent bag, you can store and carry it very easily. It is compact and light-weighted; that’s why keeping this tent in your backpack while hiking is effortless. This is the best family tent for making your trips more delightful.

  • Spacious enough.
  • Withstand heavy rains and winds.
  • Keep inside cool and ventilated.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Don’t provide any filter from sand protection.

6. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Wall Organizer

If you plan to spend your long holidays in the desert, then you might be scavenging for the best tents for desert camping. Core instant cabin tent is a perfect choice for you as it comes with unique features that justify the cost. You can use this tent for a long time in the desert without facing any serious problems.

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

Core cabin has unique technologies, including CORE H20 Block and Adjustable ground vents. The walls are large and organized, which helps you keep your items sorted neatly.

Core instant cabin tent comes with doors and windows in different directions and air vents. Windows and large doors keep the inside temperature cooler and relaxing. To avoid suffocation, keep the windows open for proper ventilation or airflow.

Center height is 72” due to which you can walk through easily. Because of its thick and rigid construction material, it provides filters against the sand. One of the best features of this tent is the ability to reduce the effect of outside noise. It can withstand heavy winds and storms.

Although it appears very large, for one person roughly a few seconds are required for its pack up; less time will be needed if two persons will do the job. Core cabin camping tent offers one year warranty to improve customer satisfaction.

  • It comes with ultra core H20 block and adjustable ground vent technology.
  • Air conditioner vents provide extra cooling comfort.
  • CORE H20 Block and Adjustable ground vents.
  • Well-ventilated and weatherproof
  • Fairly heavy tent; not a single person can deal with this.

7. DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent

Are you looking for a desert camping tent that is portable, lightweight, and handy to set up? This zipper tent is made up of high-quality canvas, and aluminum poles are perfectly designed to accommodate two or three persons. If you are a couple and planning for a desert tour looking for the best tents for desert camping, then it can be your perfect choice.

This lightweight tent having 5.8 lbs weight, 39 inches width, and 43 inches height, can provide you with great comfort. It won’t be wrong to say that this tent is portable as you can easily carry it along in your backpack due to its lightweight.

Best Tents For Desert Camping
Best Tents For Desert Camping

Construction material is highly durable, water-resistant, and breathable. You can easily walk inside the tent as it is 43 inches high, making it the perfect choice. By using two large doors from the front and back, you can quickly enter and exit.

The tend comes with an inner mesh layer, 2 windows, and an open door. The inner layer protects from extreme weather conditions and provides natural ventilation. The outer layer withstands winds and prevents sand from penetrating the tent.

Polyester material intent saves it from abrasions and resists water. Its firm, solid aluminum poles provide you with protection and tight holdings against the wind.

With two people’ capacity, outstanding ceiling material, UV resistance, water and rain proofing due to polyester sheet of thickness up to 3000 mm, and 100 percent warranty, the desert and fox backpacking tent can provide you the much-needed comfort, protection, and a peaceful environment to enjoy your camping holidays to the fullest. After pack up, the tent bag will have 17 “x 6” x 6” dimensions.

  • Easy to set up and break down.
  • Durable and premium manufacturing that lasts for years.
  • Waterproof up to 3000 mm.
  • Double-layer technology.
  • Two doors for hassle-free enter and exit.
  • Easy setting, no more flimsy tent
  • Practice makes the packing easier.
  • No heat resistance.

The Verdict

As the conditions of desert camping can be entirely different from other camping ambiances, it is necessary to be well prepared. The vast pale desert with continual winds blowing will bring sand particles along that can penetrate your tent. The light of shake and high heat creates a dilemma for campers.

Thus, having a perfect tent for desert camping should be well-ventilated, spacious, sturdy, and making it impossible for sand to invade. Be sure to choose the best desert tents that are specially made to withstand the harsh desert environment.


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