9 Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs in 2021

9 Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs in 2021

Sitting around a fire with your friends in the woods isn’t meant to be a painful experience, “Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs” rather it should be comfortable and as warm as the fire.

A huge number of people experience major back pain even when in the comfort of their own homes. Sitting around a fire, on the ground, bent over, after a long day of hiking, fishing, or just being outside, is even harder on your back.

The easiest and quickest solution to helping out your bad back while out in the woods is by getting one of the best camping chairs for bad backs.

These are designed to give you the lumbar support that you need to be comfortable and help give your back a break, rather than break your back. 

Even if you don’t already suffer from a bad back, the best medicine is preventative. Getting one of these camping chairs is sure to help keep your back supported correctly and keep you in good shape for years to come.

If you can’t get into a store and test out each chair, or want some info before heading in, we’re here to help you find the best camping chair for a bad back that just won’t stop hurting. 

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Top 9 Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs

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As we said, there’s a wide array of different options when you’re looking for a camping chair. We’ve gone through and researched in-depth every chair out there. These nine chairs have proven that they can take care of a bad back and help you be more comfortable while camping. So let’s move straight into the best camping chairs for bad backs. 

1. STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
Camping Chair for Bad Backs


2-year warranty, Lumbar supportive design, No-sink feet, Backpack Carry Bag, Spacious ergonomic seat, 300-pound capacity

Strongback is known for giving you everything you need to keep your back comfortable and supported while lounging by the fire.

The Strongback Elite Folding Camping Chair gives you the support you need with its patented lumbar supportive design meant to ease tension and relieve the pain in your spine. 

This chair is designed for people at least 5’8” tall, but the Strongback Guru Chair will help anyone out that’s a bit shorter. The big and spacious seat is helpful to allow the alignment of your hips for advanced comfort and to get the best relaxation possible.

At 11.9 pounds, this chair is relatively lightweight but wouldn’t be great to haul along on a long trip. It folds up nicely and fits perfectly into the provided backpack carrying case. 

It can be tough to commit a larger amount of money to a chair, but Strongback gives you the mental support of a 2-year warranty to ensure that you enjoy the chair and are getting the back relief that you need.

With the warranty, the frame-integrated lumbar support, the additional lumbar padding, and padded solid armrests, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find comfort and relief with this chair. 

  • Huge amount of lumbar support and padding
  • Great warranty for more than just back protection
  • Spacious seat for hip and back alignment
  • Not for those under 5’8” tall

2. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
ALPS Mountaineering Camping Chair for Bad Backs


600D Polyester fabric, extra-tall back, detachable back frame, 425-pound capacity, sturdy aluminum frame

The Alps Mountaineering Camp Chair is a great pick for those looking for great back support from a simple sturdy frame and great build.

This chair has a solid aluminum frame that provides a rigid and sturdy seat on any surface, which will give your back the support that it needs.

The detachable back frame is great to give yourself additional support as well as making the pack up even easier. 

An extra-tall seat with a padded back helps to give your back a huge range of support while sitting for extended periods of time.

The spacious and comfortable seat helps to align your hips and back, meaning no discomfort from sitting for a long time. 

The aluminum frame on this chair helps it stay strong for years on end, even when the weather lets loose upon it.

This is a chair that’s sure to stay in your family for a long time. At a lightweight 10.5 pounds, you can easily get it in and out of your car to enjoy a long weekend camping with friends and family

  • Strong and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Removable back frame
  • Lightweight build with high weight capacity
  • Extra tall seat with padded back
  • Heavy duty build is a little bulky

3. Arrowhead Outdoor Portable Folding Camping Quad Chair 

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
ARROWHEAD OUTDOOR Portable Folding Camping Chair For Bad Backs


Integrated lumbar support, simple set up, 300-pound capacity, heavy-duty steel frame construction

The Arrowhead Outdoor Portable Folding Camping Quad Chair is an incredible option for when you want something simple that gives you a great amount of extra support for a bad back.

This chair utilizes an integrated lumbar support system that is built into its steel frame. You’re sure to have years of solid use out of this chair. 

We like this chair for its affordable price and simplistic nature. There are no additional parts and setting it up is as simple as pulling it out of its bag and unfolding it.

If you have minor back issues that bother you over a long period of time, this chair will give you the support that will help relieve that pain, but not much more. 

  • Affordable Price
  • Simplistic design and use
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Not as high quality as other products

4. ALPHA CAMP Folding Camping Chair 

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
ALPHA CAMP Folding Camping Chair For Bad Backs


The large seat area and high back, steel frame and 600D padded oxford fabric, 350-pound capacity, lightweight and portable

The Alpha Camp Folding Camping Chair brings a lot of great common features to a camping chair for an affordable price.

It will give you a great amount of support with its lumbar support system and extra padding incorporated into all of the fabric on the chair. 

The steel frame that makes up the Alpha Camp chair is guaranteed to be sturdy for years on end and is powder-coated to stand up to the elements.

The large seat area helps to maximize your comfort while the lumbar support takes care of your back and prevents any pain from coming up. 

On top of the great back support, this chair has loads of other great features. It has two separate cup holders, several mesh pockets for additional storage, and a non-slip grip on the feet of the chair.

With all of these features, you’ll not only be comfortable, but you can stash everything you need by your side so you’ll never even have to think about getting up. 

  • Great padding and support
  • Affordable price
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Huge amount of storage
  • Only complaints include ripping of the fabric on very few occasions

5. Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
Coastal Outdoor Camping Chair For Bad Backs


Adjustable lumbar support strap, cooler bag and cup holder, padded design, 400-pound capacity, durable steel frame

The Coast rail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support is the perfect chair to give you a huge amount of personalized back support with its adjustable strap that ergonomically fits you.

This lumbar support is in addition to a huge amount of extra padding in the right places to give you the comfort that your back is screaming out for. 

This chair not only takes great care of your back, but it also has your back with all of the other camping needs.

The cooler bag is attached to the chair right by your side to keep drinks cold and ready for you on a hot summer day. With its 400 pound capacity, this is a great option for a wide range of folk. 

This is a chair made for slightly larger people. If you’re under 5’8” you may find your feet dangling, but you’ll still get all of the support that you need.

It’s a bit on the heavy end, 12 pounds to be precise, but is still a great portable option when you’re not carrying the chair for long distances. 

  • Adjustable lumbar support fits you perfectly
  • Huge amount of additional padding
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Cooler bag, cup holder, extra storage
  • Made for taller people
  • On the heavy side

6. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Camping Chair for Bad Backs


Zero gravity chair design, removable pillow for head and lumbar support, oversized dimensions, fully reclines

Zero gravity chairs are one of the best ways to get full support on your back and your entire body.

These chairs are designed to make it feel like you’re floating on air with the elastic connections to the heavy-duty frame. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is one of the best of them all. 

This is the kind of chair that you won’t ever want to leave. You can sit up in it to talk to friends, and then recline fully to fall straight into a deep slumber.

The chair locks into place in a huge array of different angles so you can truly customize your experience. 

This zero gravity chair is also incredibly portable. It folds up easily without any assembly or disassembly needed to slip into your car to take it anywhere with you.

The sturdy steel tube framing is going to give the chair a long lifespan in any environment so you’ll get to enjoy this chair for a long time coming. 

  • Get full zero gravity experience and comfort
  • Recline into any position you want
  • Folds easily
  • Heavy weight of 24.6 pounds
  • More expensive

7. STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Camping Chair For Bad Backs


Patented lumbar support design, two-year warranty, spacious and ergonomic seat for hip and back alignment, enhanced locking mechanisms

To get something that sits you a bit lower to the ground, but still gives you that back support that you so desperately need, the Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair is a great option.

Just like our previous Strongback chair, you get all of the patented back support along with a two-year warranty that ensures a comfortable and long time in the chair. 

This one is perfect for transporting around, as it is incredibly lightweight and has the backpack straps incorporated into the carrying bag. It’s easy to take from space to space and has full comfort easily at hand.

The durable steel frame is powder-coated to get the best life out of it in any amount of difficult weather. Take it to the beach, but never feel the negative effects of the saltwater. 

You’ll sit just 7.5 inches above the ground, which allows you to stretch your legs out and get really comfortable close to the ground.

This is a great choice for days on the beach when everyone else is sitting on towels, but you need that extra back support. 

  • Low gravity and comfortable position
  • Strong back support with lumbar design
  • Highly portable
  • Sits you close to the ground which can be uncomfortable if it is muddy out

8. Nice C Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair For Bad Backs


Breathable polyester seat, orthopedic recommended and ergonomic design, removable pillow for neck and head support, aviation-grade aluminum and 1000D oxford fabric, holds up to 250 pounds

The Nice C Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair is a less traditional take on the chairs that we have already covered on our list.

This one lacks armrests but has an impressive design that supports your back, head, and neck perfectly.

The materials this chair is constructed from are the absolute top of the line. The frame is made from aviation-grade aluminum, while the fabric is 1000D breathable polyester to keep you cool even on hot summer days.

The construction makes the chair incredibly, lightweight. It is only a mere 2.8 pounds which means you can carry this anywhere with you and even bring it on longer backpacking trips if you want. There’s no extra weight put onto your back with this one. 

You get a 30-day warranty with this chair to make sure the manufacturer hasn’t made any serious mistakes. This should keep you comfortable for a long time and ensure that you get the best quality chair possible.

While this chair is a bit on the expensive side, it is absolutely worth it because you get all of the comfort and storage that you need to keep you seated without back pain for a long time. 

  • Breathable polyester keeps you cool
  • Aluminum construction is incredibly lightweight and portable
  • 30 day warranty
  • More expensive than some others
  • Lacks armrests

9. Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Camping Chair

Best Camping Chair for Bad Backs
Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Camping Chair For Bad Backs


Flexible suspension system, nylon mesh fabric, drink holder, 300-pound capacity steel frame, 19.7-inch sitting height

For the final chair on our list, we have the Coleman Comfort Smart Suspension Camping Chair. It features a unique design that combines some of the elements from a zero gravity chair with the frame of a traditional camping chair.

The suspension system is flexible to fit your back perfectly and give you the required support for a bad back.

If you have mild back pain, or just want to prevent more back pain, this is a great option for that purpose. If you have chronic back pain, it’s not the best to help relieve your pain entirely. 

The nylon mesh fabric helps bring a cool breeze in to cool you down on the hottest of summer days, which makes this a great choice for long beach days.

You get all of the comforts of a chair that can hold a large amount of weight, but you don’t need to carry around a ton of weight yourself. That means no extra strain on your back for even some longer hauls. 

With a moderate level of back support, we see this chair as being a great purchase to invest in your back. It will absolutely help you prevent back pain from forming so you can sit for a long time around the fire or at the game with your friends and family. 

  • Flexible suspension system provides great support
  • Breathable nylon mesh fabric keeps you cool
  • Highly portable
  • Coleman is a reputable brand, known to care for their customers
  • Only provides moderate levels of back care
  • No integrated lumbar support

How to Find the Perfect Camping Chair

The right camping chair to help support your back in the woods is going to need to be a perfect fit for your back specifically. There’s a lot that goes into making the perfect chair, and each one will be different for everyone.

You’ll need to find a chair that can let you sit comfortably for a long time, without squirming around trying to find the right spot. 

To get the right chair, there are some features that you’ll want to check out. You know your back better than the rest of us. For some, a padded backrest will do the trick, for others, firm lumbar support is necessary. But don’t worry, there’s a chair for that. 


The most obvious feature that you want to pay attention to with your camping chair is the comfort level. The whole idea of bringing a chair out camping is to increase your comfort level. Sitting on the ground with rocks underneath you doesn’t bring very high levels of comfort.

The right seat should be comfortable for you to sit in for hours on end. This is a must if you want to stay happy and not hurt your back while sitting with friends and having engaging and fun conversations around the fire.

The moment you start to get uncomfortable is when you start moving around, and then the pain will be back. 

Seat Size and Seat Height

A lot of these chairs have different-sized seats for different-sized bodies. If you tend to prefer more space, try getting a chair that has a larger seat size.

You don’t want a chair that will cinch you in place because the seat is too small. This can lead to a lot of discomfort in your back and everywhere else as well. 

A chair that has a seat height too tall for you will not be comfortable. You want to make sure to get an appropriately sized chair to truly enhance your experience with a camping chair. 


To get the right amount of support you need the chair to have sufficient padding, and have it in the right places.

Most of the top brands will utilize padding where it will help to best support the lumbar zones, but a lot also use padding throughout the whole chair. 

With a camping chair, there is a delicate balance of how much padding to include and still have it be lightweight and easily stashed away when not in use.

Unfortunately, it’s far too difficult to bring a full-sized recliner into the woods. With a lot of these chairs and their comfortable padding, you can get close. 

Some chairs have removable pillows that can give you extra padding when you need it, but allow you to take it away when you don’t.

This is a great feature that you should seriously consider as it allows you to adjust the amount of padding in certain areas, therefore allowing you to personalize your chair to your own back. 


If you’re looking for a camping chair that’s good for a bad back, you are probably planning on going camping at some point.

Camping gear is best when it’s easy to pack it up and throw it in the car for a night or whole weekend out. That way, you’re not loading up the car or strapping any crazy amounts of gear to the roof just to getaway. 

To make this the best camping chair for a bad back, you need it to be portable. Otherwise, we could just recommend a La-Z-Boy chair and you’d be perfectly happy sitting in your living room. 

These chairs fold up easily and are lightweight enough to carry them for a reasonable amount of distance. They will fit well inside of the car, and some will pack down much smaller than others.

Depending on the type of use you are planning on, you may want an incredibly lightweight style that still supports your back. There are options for that. Going bigger can mean being a bit more comfortable with better support, but not always. 

Type of Support

There are a couple of different types of support that camping chairs on the market offer for your bad back.

First, there is an integrated framework that will give you lumbar support but is fixed where it is. There is also the option of getting a chair with adjustable lumbar support. This is good for those that are buying chairs that multiple people will use and then you can switch it up. 

Type of Chair

When you’re hunting for the right camping chair there are going to be a lot of different options and systems to choose from.

The traditional camping chairs fold up easily and have four legs that help to distribute weight and keep you from sinking into the ground.

The brands on our list have added lumbar support to the traditional style to keep with the old-school design but give your back a break. 

Another newer system of camping chairs is the zero gravity chair. These use flexible suspension ties to the frame that makes it feel as if you are floating in space.

With these, your back will be accommodated with the chair forming to your exact shape. There are usually additional pillows to give your neck and head more support or can be moved to help your lower back. 

We have also included a low gravity chair on our list because it is a great pick for certain occasions.

These chairs sit much lower to the ground, as the name suggests, and can be perfect for long days on the beach or in the backyard with your kids. It’s a different type of chair but still can get you great relief for your back. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the right chair for you is on this list. We’re positive that one of them is going to truly help you relieve your back pain, or at the very least help, you prevent any back pain from ever even coming up.

Back pain can be a serious and chronic problem in life that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and doing the things that you enjoy.

With these chairs, you’ll get to go out and never miss a sports game or camping trip with friends or family. There’s no more need to go home and lie down because you’ve been in pain for hours on end.

It’s time to let your back pain take a backseat. Help yourself out and get one of the best camping chairs for back pain today.

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