How to Make Camping Coffee – 8 Amazing Hacks!

How to Make Camping Coffee – 8 Amazing Hacks!

A few of the wonderful parts of camping are the fresh air, the cluster of stars above, and the lovely music with a cup of coffee over a campfire.

Hardly anything, however, can wake you up and get you started like a hot cup of coffee does on a chilly and foggy morning.

If your mind is confounded with the considerations like “How to make Camping Coffee “? Or “what is a backpacking coffee maker”, then you are at the right place. 

I will be sharing with you, in this article, all the healthy and valuable tricks, and hacks of making a refined camp coffee.

To get any of the camping coffee ways we’re discussing, you’ll need basic items and freshwater. So be sure you have a sufficient amount of the basic ingredients before you leave for camping.

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How to make Camping Coffee (Tips and Tricks)

Substantial precautions to make camping coffee

Camping Coffee

These cardinal rules are applicable pretty widely to creating better camping coffee:

1. Use good quality coffee

The question arises, how should coffee beans be estimated by quality? Presently, the standard of a coffee bean is influenced by a variety of criteria. 

A cupping score is used by professional coffee testers to rate coffee and determine the level of its excellence. For splendid quality, a batch of coffee beans must score 80 or higher.

Floral undertones are common in good coffee, according to many coffee lovers. A cup of high-quality coffee can have a creamy, aromatic, and fruity flavor.

2. Before consuming the coffee beans, grind them instantly

It’s possible that carrying a grinder around isn’t possible for everyone. But it is an important item as a camping coffee maker because the flavor of the coffee-bean declines as it is kept in the air for more than a few hours. 

So, if you can afford it and have the capacity, we strongly recommend a hand grinder to instantly grind and enjoy fresh coffee with an original aroma.

3. Do not boil the coffee

People often make the blunder of boiling a camping coffee for a longer time. It is highly recommended not to use this trick ever again. Temperatures between 200 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for brewing coffee.

When coffee is boiled for an extended period of time, it develops a burnt flavor.

Here are some tips and tricks for making excellent camping coffee:

Tips and Tricks

1. Temperature of the Water

Percolating is the best way to properly boil the latte in the water for an extended period of time.  As compared to other processes, the produced coffee is richer and has been labeled “bitter” by a few.

In the egg coffee technique, the coffee is rapidly prepared. However, time is limited, and one of the objectives of using the egg is to minimize bitterness.

By certain methods, the temperature required for brewing coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level. By removing a pot of boiling water from the fire for a minute, the temperature is lowered to the ideal level.

2. Choosing between Preground or Fresh Ground coffee

If you’re a true coffee enthusiast, you’ll need freshly ground beans even when you’re camping. Numerous firms sell rechargeable grinders that ultimately allow you to have fresh ground coffee.

Many people, therefore, crush their own beans at home and bring them to camp. Some others buy pre-ground coffee at the food store or the campsite corner store.

3. The Ideal Grind

It’s also crucial to maintain a grinder that functions well. If the ground is a fine one, the richer and darker the coffee will be produced. However, in other ways, coffee beans may seep into the water if the grind is too sharp.

Few bad things are more acceptable than taking a sip of coffee and swallowing the grounds.  Basically, for techniques that use a paper filter or gather them like egg coffee, you can go with finer grinds. In methods that use filtration systems like percolating or French pressing, the finer grounds function better.

Basic important items for camp coffee making

  • A coffee jar with a watertight lid to preserve your coffee’s freshness until you’re ready to boil it.
  • Because freshly crushed whole beans generally outperform pre-processed coffee in terms of flavor. Therefore, a portable coffee grinder is essential.
  • A coffee thermos or a stainless steel tumbler is essential to keep your coffee warm for longer.
  • A portable kettle with a stove.
  • A small coffee scale.
  • Fine and high-quality coffee beans.

The 8 Incredible camping coffee makers

Here is the list of 8 amazing camping coffee techniques that will help you make an easy camp coffee.

  • Instant coffee
  • Cowboy coffee
  • Percolator camping coffee maker
  • French press backpack coffee
  • Aero press camping coffee maker
  • Camping coffee bags
  • Pour-over brewing method
  • Stove-top camping coffee

1. Instant Coffee

This will most likely be your ultimate camping coffee maker if you’re a huge fan of flavored. However, if weight, portability, speed, and simplicity are important, use this technique fearlessly.

All you need is a mug and perhaps some water to make instant coffee. The disadvantage is that it never tastes as wonderful as freshly made coffee, and breaking it down into every cup is more expensive and wasteful.

This strategy, however, can be great for mountain and big-wall climbers. Simply warm the water in your kettle over a fire, camp stove, or other heat sources before pouring it into a mug. After that, mix in one or two teaspoons of instant coffee grains until they are dissolved. Now enjoy it!

Check the price of some marvelous items of instant coffee at amazon that have been chosen by our experts.

Waka Quality Instant Coffee — Medium Roast

VitaCup Slim Coffee Instant Coffee Packets

Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee Medium Roast

How to make instant coffee?

  • A large kettle or pan
  • Any heat source
  • 1 full packet of instant coffee
  • 2 cups of fresh water

Brewing Method

  • Place your kettle over a low heat and stir to combine at a temperature of 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Remove the cap from the instant coffee packet, and drop the quantity you want into your mug. If you drink strong coffee, one entire packet with two cups of water serves well for us.
  • Pour in the water, let it mix for a moment, then stir again, and you’re done!

2. Cowboy method

Consider brewing coffee the cowboy way, if you’re a traveler with minimal gear and have a desire for the pure pleasures of life. 

The sink-down method, often known as the cowboy coffee method, is arguably the easiest camping coffee maker to brew coffee with fewer inputs.

All you’ll have is a container to heat water in, a stove, freshwater, and your preferred finely ground coffee. Well, if you get too irritated with a throat full of scratchy grounds with every sip, this method may be helpful for you.

This technique is considered a “cowboy” activity. But the final outcome is always a wonderful cup of coffee that you don’t have to pull out of your teeth.

How to prepare a cowboy coffee?

  • A large kettle or pan
  • 2 tablespoons of coffee (per 8oz of water)
  • Freshwater
  • Any heat source

Brewing method

  • Pour the appropriate amount of fresh water into the saucepan.
  • Bring the water to a boil over a campfire or any other accessible heat source.
  • Allow the pot to cool for 30 seconds to a minute after removing it from the heat. Make sure it is no longer boiling. The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is 200 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. (Keep in mind that water boils at lower temperatures at higher elevations.)
  • Pour in the coffee grinds into the pan. As soon as the coffee mixes with the water, a scorching sound will be heard.
  • Allow the solution to settle for a few moments. Stir once in a while.
  • Serve the coffee gently into a mug once the coffee grounds have fallen to the base of the pan.

3. Percolator Camping Coffee Maker

A coffee percolator is an easy and ancient camping coffee maker. They are great for a large group of campers and serve 10 to 12 cups.

However, electric percolators are becoming more common due to their ease of use.

Yet the classic coffee percolator used over a campfire is still the most famous camping coffee maker.

Percolators are somewhat bulky, and their heavyweight makes them unsuitable for extended travel that necessitates continual mobility.

Because they are generally made of enamel, they are also quite robust and have good heat absorption. They are available with a disposable filter, which is ideal for minimizing litter.

It’s essentially a long pot with a glass cylinder above the metal lid.

A straining bowl is positioned on top of a hollow metal rod within. A gently curved aluminum base keeps it standing.

How to make a percolator coffee


Brewing method

  • Fill the kettle with water. The level should be just underneath the filter basket’s base.
  • In the pot, place the strainer on its stem.
  • For every cup of water in the boiler, pour two scooping teaspoons of standard coffee into the strainer basket.
  • Put the filter basket’s lid on first, then the pot’s lid.
  • Turn the burner to high and wait until it comes to a boil. It’s important to keep an eye on it and keep listening since it can rapidly boil over.
  • When the water has reached a boil, remove the pot from the fire or reduce the heat.
  • It will take at least 5 minutes for the coffee to nicely percolate. Note that the more you percolate the coffee, the darker it will be.

4. French Press camping coffee maker

The French Press technique is credited with creating coffee that is creamy, just perfect, and excellent for camping.

The ground particles are extracted and stored against the bottom by a filter disc. In French pressing, the disc is pressed through the coffee with a pusher.

The grounds-free coffee is then poured out of the filter. The material, on the other hand, is ideal for outdoor coffee making.

Since they are made of sturdy materials like copper, borosilicate glass, and double-walled stainless steel, they help to keep warmth even while brewing at a campsite.

French presses, on the other hand, have the advantage of being extremely portable and simple to use. Even if you’re a first-time coffee maker or a skilled pro, you’ll have a flawless brew in less than 5 minutes.

How to make a French press coffee


Brewing method

  • Bring water to a stove to get it heated to a temperature that is less than boiling.
  • Unplug the plunger from the French Press and tuck it away.
  • In the brewing compartment of the French Press, add 2 teaspoons of finely ground coffee to 8 oz of water.
  • Pour in the necessary volume of water and mix gently for around 10-15 seconds.
  • Reinstall the press plunger and set it a little above the water level.
  • Let it cool down for a moment.
  • Remember that a coffee brewing period of around 4 to 5 minutes works well for us.
  • Gently push down on the plunger to push the coffee grinds out. It will take around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Now pour and enjoy a creamy cup of coffee.

5. Aeropress camping coffee maker

This is by far our most helpful answer to your question, “How to make camping coffee “? This camping coffee maker is a hybrid of a pour-over coffee maker, a French press, and a pneumatic press.

The Aeropress coffee brewing procedure produces a coffee that is silky smooth, creamy, and delicious. The AeroPress is ideal for campers because it is compact and has almost no extra parts.

The AeroPress is extremely simple to clean. The wasted coffee grounds are crushed into a little pellet after brewing—extremely easy to dispose of.

How to make Aeropress camping coffee?

Brewing method
  • Bring a pan with water to your stove and heat it from 200 to 220 degrees.
  • Place the filter in the bucket and connect it to the brewing compartment.
  • In your travel mug, place the arranged brewing compartment.
  • We use a maximum of 2 teaspoons of finely ground coffee per 8 oz of water.
  • Pour the brewing compartment halfway with water that has just come off the boil.
  • Pour the brewing compartment halfway with water that has just come off the boil for 10-15 seconds after stirring.
  • As the brewing container drains, fill it up with the leftover water.
  • Attach the plunge and move down it until it drops out. It will take approximately 10 seconds, and you can hear the air pressing through the grounds.
  • Enjoy your dark coffee with the Aeropress removed!

6. Camping coffee bags

Coffee bags adapt the idea of Cowboy Coffee, making it a bit more helpful to stop getting a mouthful of grounds that ruins a nice cup of coffee.

You may make several cups for your camping vacation and have them ready to use whenever you want, instantly.

Coffee brands like Folgers and others produce pieces of coffee bags that look like teabags. If you really want to take the easy way out, you may want to try these coffee bags.

To prepare 10 cups of coffee, buy a package and soak two bags in almost boiling water.

How to prepare coffee with coffee bags?


Brewing method

  • Start by filling your camping cup halfway with boiling water and a coffee bag.
  • Allow for 10-15 seconds before squeezing and stirring.
  • Allow time for it to brew. We recommend brewing for 3-5 minutes, but feel free to play with it until you discover your own particular taste.
  • Add milk or sugar if desired. 
  • Put the used coffee bag in with your food scraps. When it’s been brewed, simply sit, and take a taste.

7. Pour-Over camp coffee

The pour-over option is among the easiest and quickest ways to prepare a fantastic cup of camp coffee, and it’s ideal for bigger gatherings. Freshly ground whole beans contained in a filter are delivered with hot water.

It moves through the ground, absorbing flavors and color. It seeps into a saucepan or simply into a mug from the base of the filter.

It does not get easier or tastier than that to make coffee. And the best part is that it’s so simple and adjustable for camping.

Water, coffee, a filter, and your pour-over machine of choice are all you need to brew a cup of pour-over coffee.

To make the perfect cup of coffee, you can select the water temperature and grind size of your choice.

Because of its rich aroma and flavor, many coffee enthusiasts found that this approach of brewing is the greatest camping coffee maker.

How to make pour-over camp coffee?


Brewing Method

  • Bring your brewing water to a boil.  Meanwhile, clean the paper filter with warm water and place it into the brewer.
  • Scoop out and grind your coffee beans.
  • Use as minimal water as possible to soak all of the beans. Allow the mixture for 30 seconds to settle.
  • Continue pouring carefully again, until the water reaches nearly vertical the cone. The crust generated by the initial pours should break up. 
  • Conduct the remaining  brewing process once the foam has formed on the surface of the mixture. To do so, pour the remaining water into the brewer’s center, maintaining the liquid level high. Do not let materials go to waste!

8. Moka Pot / Stovetop Camping Coffee Makers

Moka pots, often known as stovetop coffee makers, are European coffee brewers. They are steadily gaining popularity in the United States because they provide a stronger and more flavorful filter coffee.

In fact, without an espresso machine, the coffee is as fine one that you could expect from an espresso. Because Moka pans are made of aluminum, they may be used on a camping burner.

Nevertheless, one piece of caution, we can provide is to avoid using a Moka with a plastic grip over a burner because it will not last for long.

If you need a pot that can be used over a campfire, we highly recommend Moka pots, which are ideal for camping.

How to make stove top camping coffee?


Brewing Method

  • Uninstall the coffee filter by unscrewing the top section.
  • Fill the bottom compartment with water underneath the lid.
  • Fill the filter with finely ground coffee.
  • Reassemble the Moka pot by connecting the coffee filter to the lower chamber.
  • Turn a bonfire burner to medium heat and put the Moka pot on top of it. Do not forget to  make sure you maintain a consistent temperature.
  • The Moka pot will make a sizzling sound when it reaches boiling point. It will be indicating that the coffee is brewed. Withdraw the Moka pot from the flame as quickly as the sizzling stops.
  • Now serve and enjoy!

Camping coffee maker (FAQ’s)

Which is the easiest way to brewing a camping coffee?

Coffee bags, such as tea bags, are quick and inexpensive camping coffee makers. These sachets, whether bought from a store or homemade, are dropped into boiling hot water and steeped to make coffee.

That’s all there is to it. They occupy little room in your suitcase, are simple to clean, and don’t need any brewing skill. Perfect for individuals who can’t handle something more challenging and remain busy in their routine work. Yet, the dearth of freshly ground beans represents a little better than usual coffee.

What is the best camping mug?

Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs with Lid will maintain your coffee, drink, or any other hot beverage warm for an extended period of time.

You can savor your drink rather than rush through it because you need to get somewhere. The top also keeps spillage at bay, allowing you to take and go.

These shatter-resistant Unbreakable Steel Cups can be used as travel coffee mugs, camping coffee tumblers, or recreational mugs that you drop in your backpack before heading off to work.

They’re also a terrific Christmas gift because they provide just the appropriate amount of caffeine, whether you’re at home with siblings or out on a trip. These durable cups are absolutely unbreakable and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Which brewing method is best for my camping trip?

The brewing process for your next camping trip will be determined by the resources you have. If you’re a newbie to coffee and don’t have a grinding machine or fancy coffee drippers, a coffee bag, single-serve pour-over, or iced coffee will be your best choice.

The AeroPress, Moka Pot, or cold brew procedures will work nicely if you’ve got a grinding machine or pre-ground coffee. Pour-over coffee or an AeroPress would be great if you have a coffee dripper, crusher, or other apparatus.

These are our recommendations, but please do try out alternative approaches to discover which one you like. On our website, you can get a variety of brewing equipment.

How to make camp coffee without fire?

When some campgrounds prohibit fires, this becomes a problem. A tiny gas cooker is the first option for making coffee without a fire.

Hot plates or grills that are powered by a tiny gas tank. You can use it to heat water because it has a cooking flame.

Your solutions are limited if any sort of fire or burn is absolutely banned out. You should create iced coffee in these situations.

It may be more difficult to bring equipment for this. Most cold brew methods, on the other hand, can be made absolutely fine in a cool box.

Furthermore, we can say, cold coffee is a good option if there is a dearth of fire at a campsite.

Final Verdict

Among the most pleasurable aspects of camping is sipping coffee in the morning outside. Not only do we have a large variety of gadgets to make brewing vastly easier, but the processes for making coffee have also evolved thanks to the advanced camping coffee maker.

Making outstanding coffee isn’t restricted to having a fully stocked kitchen at your disposal. You can make wonderful coffee while camping without sacrificing quality.

All of the methods for making fresh coffee while camping are listed here. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, whether you’re brewing cowboy coffee or using a hand-powered machine.

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