8 Helpful Tips On How To Keep Food Cold While Camping

Are you planning a camping trip? Then you’ll want to keep your food cold while camping, as this may determine whether or not you’ll have an amazing time. 

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: a camping trip is one of the best experiences that you can get in your lifetime. The weather is cool, the views are astonishing, everything is simply great! However, a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t plan your trip well, and ahead. One major issue you might experience is how to keep your food and drinks cold throughout your trip.

But not to worry. In this article, we’ll be sharing really helpful tips on how to keep food cold while camping. We’ll also be sharing some food safety tips to help make your trip hassle-free. Sound good? Let’s get started!

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How To Keep Food Cold While Camping 

Here are some top tips on how to keep food cold while on that camping trip. 

1. Invest In a High-end Cooler

One thing that you should be at the top of your list is packing a quality cooler box. You must avoid a cheap low-grade cooler— truth is, most of these products are poorly insulated and can’t preserve your food for long. 

There are several varieties of coolers you’ll find on the market, and this often ranges from cheap styrofoam to high-end fiberglass or steel which have better insulation and effectively prevents the melting of ice. 

In any case, you should always choose a well-insulated cooler and well keep your food and drinks cool throughout the entire camping trip. Check Amazon for quality coolers.

2. Keep Your Cooler Closed 

While camping, it’s not advisable to open your cooler frequently. You also wouldn’t want to have to comb through your frozen food in search of a particular item. By doing this, you’ll only be letting out all the cold air, and giving room to warm air.

It takes a lot of work for the cooler to get the air to that frozen temperature, so once you open it too often, you’re allowing it to use up all the refrigeration a lot faster. This will cause your ice to melt too quickly, therefore affecting the integrity of your food. 

It’s advisable to open your cooler only once or twice daily. You should open it in the morning while it’s still cool outside, and take out enough food for breakfast and lunch. Then you can open it later at night.

3. Opt For Long-Lasting Ice 

There’s something you should know about loose ice, they melt quickly, and you’ll later have a cooler full of water and soaked food items. In any case, it’s important to get large blocks of ice, as these take longer to melt and keep your food cool for a long time. 

You may also decide to make your own ice. You can do this by filling your plastic bottles or jugs with water, then freezing them four t five days before your trip! 

4. Keep Your Cooler In The Shade

Obviously, keeping your cooler out of the sun will make stay cold for a longer time. If you can’t find a shade close by, then it’s okay to keep it in your tent. However, if it’s colder outside, you should leave the cooler in the cold as much as you can. 

You wouldn’t want any pests or scavengers opening it, hence, you must keep it safe and secure. 

5. Freeze Your Food

It’s also advisable to freeze your foods and drinks a few days before your camping trip.  This will keep it cool and frozen till you’re ready to cook it at your campsite. The bright side to this is that you can also use the frozen foods as ice blocks.

6. Pack Your Cooler Right!

While this may sound obvious, a lot of people make the mistake of packing wrongly. It’s easy. Always pack your food according to when you’ll be eating it, and hot-cold it is. How? 

The colder food should always go deeper in the cooler. Basically, you’ll have your frozen food at the bottom, then the cold foods should be above. Secondly, you should place yours according to when you’ll be eating it. This way, you’ll be eating the food at the top first, then gradually work your way down to eat the frozen food last.

7. Two Coolers Will Suffice

This depends on whether you have enough space to house them. But in any case, bringing two separate coolers for your food and drinks is highly recommended. 

This will come in handy in situations where you or your kids make the constant trip to the cooler for more drinks. You can be rest assured knowing that your food is staying cool in the food cooler.

8. Pre-Chill The Cooler

While on your trip, you wouldn’t want your warm cooler heating all your chilled food even before you use them. 

Simply pre-chill your cooler by throwing in some ice cubes few hours ahead. Any type of one will suffice in this situation.

Some Food Safety Tips To Remember

While you out on your camping trips, it is quite easy to forget some basic, yet important food safety requirements. Taking cold camping food is not enough to ensure the total safety of you and your family. That being said, here are some useful tips to pay attention to during your trip:

  • Always wash your hands before and after touching your food.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by all means. In simpler terms, keep uncooked meat and poultry from other foods
  • Don’t expose your food to avoid contamination 
  • Cook/roast food properly
  • Tote a food thermometer to help you know when the food is safe or unsafe to eat. This will help prevent food poisoning
  • For safe drinking water, you can bring your bottled water or boil your water

Foods that don’t Need Cooler

This is a frequently asked question, and it comes in handy when you don’t want to worry about keeping food cold while camping.

There are lots of non-perishable food that you can bring along with you. You can pack a variety of snacks, canned soups, bread, cured meat and cheese whiz, baked beans, breakfast cereals, instant noodles, dried fruits and nuts, beef jerky, and many more! 

Final Thought

We hope this article has provided enough valuable information on how to keep foods cold while camping. Let us know if you have any additional information in the comment section. Good luck!