How To Repair A Torn Camping Chair – 5 Best Life Hacks!

Trying this camping chair repair hack will leave you satisfied, and ultimately extend the lifespan of your camping chair! 

While using your best camping chair, there’s probably going to be a time when it gradually begins to wear out, or eventually tears. This does not necessarily mean an inferior fabric or fake product. It could simply be as a result of too much stress or wear, or even your kids constantly throwing themselves into it. 

Trust me, a chair with a ripped fabric is not comfortable for camping or watching the sunset, or just lounging around the campfire. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to throw away an almost-intact camping chair, and take out additional cash for a new one. 

In this case, the more ideal solution would be to devise a means to fix the ripped camping chair. In this article, we’ll be sharing a very helpful step-by-step procedure on How To Repair A Torn Camping Chair. This is a very inexpensive and easy procedure; all you need is a matching fabric, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread, and this article! Excited? Let’s get to it! 

How To Fix Ripped Camping Chair

While this method will not give your chair immortality, it is definitely helpful in bringing the chair back to full functionality, as well as increasing the lifespan! Additionally, it’ll give you enough time to save up for another camping chair. Here is the step-by-step method on how to repair a torn camping chair. 

1. Inspect Each Point at Which the Fabric is Attached to the Chair Frame

Look for where two of the supporting tubes connect, then jiggle it to see if it’s loose or firm. If loose, look for the fastener and turn the screw using a screwdriver, or a bolt using a wrench. Keep doing this until the connection is tight enough.

2. Folding Chair Hinge Point

If you’re using a folding chair, it is important to inspect the hinge point and repair, where necessary. 

First, ensure that your extrusion multiplier is set to achieve a solid layer with excellent strength. To get the old part off, it’s necessary to drill out the camping chair rivets. Simply clamp a vice grip on either end and drill the other end till the head is removed. 

Next, add the replacement piece using 8-32 x 1 1/2” round head machine screws and nuts, and you’re good to go. 

3. Apply High-Quality Fabric Patch 

First check for torn or ripped fabric. If your fabric is ripped slightly, you can simply attach it back by using a needle and thread. However, if the tear leaves a hole, you may need to apply a similar fabric to patch it up. 

Here, you’ll be needing:

  • A 6” x 6” square of any quality fabric
  • A strong needle- that can get through the material without snapping, or a sewing machine (if you have one)
  • A thread- you may use a thick upholstery thread (a normal thread could work too)
  • Scissors
  • Any hard object to push the needle through
  • Square ruler (optional)

Make sure you have your fabric cut to a 6” x 6” square. Simply draw a line with a chalk 1/2” from the edge from each side. 

Then, use your scissors to cut off the corners at a 45 degrees angle to reduce excesses. 

4. Assemble the Patch

Next, fold in three sides 1/2” and sew them down using your needles or sewing machine. The major aim of this is to hide the rough edges of your fabric. 

Now draw a line along the top seam, then fold the fabric in half, allowing the folded parts to face outward. Carefully sew along the line. You may decide to add a line of stitching just to make it firm though. Lastly, turn the patch right side out. 

5. Attach the Fabric and Get Your Camping Chair Back to Work

Now that your patch is ready, all that’s left to do is attach the fabric and get your chair back in working order. This patch can also be stored in your camping trailer, or along with your belongings for easy access when needed.

Now, hold the edge of the chair back up, and carefully place the patch over the corner of the chair. Then sew the unfolded long edge of the patch to the chair back material using your needle and thread. 

Most camping chair fabrics are made to be thick, hence, you may consider using any hard object to push the needle through the fabric. This will help avoid bruises or blisters on your fingers. 

When using a normal thread, you might need to use two lines of stitching to achieve a firmer stitch. However, if you’re using upholstery thread, then a single line of stitch is good enough. Additionally, ensure that the ends are secured properly to achieve a clean and strong finish.

And you’re good to go! 
Here’s also a good example from WikiHow

In no time, you’ll be enjoying your chair like it never ripped. Of course, the patch may be visible but who cares? You’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run. 

Final Thoughts 

Camping with a ripped or torn chair is certainly not a great idea. You wanna know what’s even worse? throwing your mostly-intact camping chair away just because of a little rip, especially when you can easily fix it and save yourself the hassle of saving for a new chair. This is why we have provided this quick hack on how to fix your torn camping chair. We really hope it has been helpful enough. Good luck!

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